Snack Fare

Ketchup – Mayo – Curry– Garlic – Suma (Teryaki-Sriracha) – Gringo (Chipotle-Lime) – Sweet Chili – Americano (Spicy Horseradish Ketchup)

Served daily until 10pm

Bistro Board:

Classic combination of prosciutto, capicola, salami, smoked gouda, and brie with pickles, bread, and olives.

For one: $10           For two: $16         


Five artisanal cheeses paired with olives, pickles, and bread.

For one: $10          For two: $16

Hand-made frites $4

Our Belgian frites are hand peeled, thick cut, and double fried for the ultimate combination of crispy outside and fluffy inside. Perfect when accompanied by one of our house made sauces.

Tikka Masala Pita Flatbread $6

Tikka masala curry spread onto a pita with crumbled cheese and baked on our flat top, served with red peppers, olives, pickles, and onions.

Poutin $8

House-made frites smothered in beef gravy, teres major tips, and chunks of melty gouda.

Curry Frites $7

(Add shredded chicken or roast pork for $2)

House-made frites topped with house tikka masala curry.

Fritjes Carbonnade $8

House-made frites smothered in our own Belgian Carbonnade.

Fritjes Goulash $8

House-made frites covered in classic Belgian Goulash.

Tomato Bisque $4

House made tomato bisque served with toasted French loaf.