Late Night

Served 10pm-12am

Ketchup – Mayo – Curry– Garlic – Suma (Teryaki-Sriracha) – Gringo (Chipotle-Lime) – Sweet Chili – Americano (Spicy Horseradish Ketchup)

Sausage Speciale $9

Fried sausage butterflied and filled with mayo, Americano, and diced onions served with frites.

Big Smack Burger $8

Two 1/3lb patties stacked with cheese, house-made pickles, shaved onions, and classic burger sauce with house-made frites.

Frites with sauce $4

Hand cut from fresh Idaho potatoes and double fried to a golden brown crisp.

Poutin $8

House-made frites smothered in beef gravy, teres major steak tips, and chunks of melty gouda.

Curry Frites $7

(Add shredded chicken or roast pork for $2)

House-made frites topped with house tikka masala curry.

Frites Carbonnade $8

House-made frites smothered in our own Belgian Carbonnade.

Frites Goulash $8

House-made frites covered in classic Belgian Goulash.