Served daily until 10pm

If you’re getting our delicious frites don’t forget to choose a sauce, extra sauces are .50 each.

Ketchup – Mayo – Curry– Garlic – Suma (Teryaki-Sriracha) – Gringo (Chipotle-Lime) – Sweet Chili – Americano (Spicy Horseradish Ketchup)

Flemish Carbonnade $12

Classic Belgian stew made with pork, beer, and onions and simmered to savory perfection served with house-made frites.

Belgian Goulash $12

Pork collar stewed in a red wine and tomato based sauce with paprika, sweet peppers, and onions stewed until tender and delicious with house-made frites.

 Vol-Au-Vent $12

Roasted chicken in a creamy béchamel based sauce with house-made meatballs and mushrooms served on top of a light puff pastry served with house-made frites.

Steak and Frites $15

Medallions of Teres Major grilled to perfect medium-rare with rich au-poivre pepper sauce on the side and served with house-made frites.

 Big Smack Burger $8

Two 1/3lb patties stacked with cheese, house-made pickles, shaved onions, and classic burger sauce with house-made frites.

Boulettes $10

Three house-made meatballs smothered with house-made tomato sauce served with sliced French loaf and stewed celery.

Premiere $8

Oven toasted French loaf with mozzarella, prosciutto, spicy capicola, roasted red peppers, and basil mayo served with house-made frites.

Croque $8

Classic Belgian Staple, Oven toasted French loaf with black forest ham, gouda, house-pickles, spicy mustard and served with house-made frites.

Curry Salad $7

House roasted chicken tossed in curry sauce with eggs on an oven toasted French loaf with roasted red peppers strips served with frites.

 Sausage Speciale $9

Butterflied smoked sausage filled with mayonnaise, Americano, and minced onions on a plate served with house-made frites.

Tikka Masala Curry $12

(Vegetarian Option without Chicken)

Slow simmered Tikka Masala Curry with roasted chicken and served over jasmine rice with toasted naan bread.

Pita Shwoarma $9

A warm pita filled with chopped roasted pork in a zesty tomato sauce topped with garlic aioli and served with house-made frites.

House Salad $8

(Add shredded chicken for $2)

Fresh romaine with tomatoes, pickles, hard boiled eggs, and shaved onions served with your choice of Bleu cheese dressing or Vinaigrette.

Mediterranean Salad $8

(Add shredded chicken for $2)

Fresh romaine, roasted red peppers, green olives, kalamata olives, and crumbled cheese with sherry vinaigrette.